The battle is for real, which marketing method is like search engine optimization  (SEO) or Google ads. Many companies do not know what strategies to employ which leaves them going to expert and digital agencies for more and more questions. In this quick take blog post we will touch on what is involved and  how it can affect your ROI. 

What is SEO? 

Like everything in digital there are so many facets to every marketing strategy. For SEO is no different. It involved optimizing your website and its contents so too appears higher in search engines. It does this by using keywords and internal links. We optimized page can really drive traffic and increase your conversion and sales. Which in turn Google can determine your ranking based on these factors and believe me they are picky. Here they are:

  • Keyword selection: Google will rank your page based on the keywords you select, and you should use these key works throughout your page.
  • Consented Quality: Google constantly wants to direct them to website with high quality content, that needs to be updated and refreshed. When you have long form of writing and it is high quality Google like this and enjoys sending searcher to pages with longer, where it keeps users on your website longer and boosting engagement. Therefore, a blog is great you can do all of this in one area.
  • Mobile compatibility Google has been pushing responsive designs over time and due to rise in mobile web browsing. All websites should be 100% responsive and  it is important to improve your ranking.
  • User experience (UX): Google wants to promote sites that are more positive and uplifting and enhance user experience with UX features such as easy navigation, headline and bullet points in content and engaging 

What are Google Ads?

Previously known as Google AdWords. is a pay per-click advertising marketing platform that enables marketers to reach unique clients and engagement. Like we said earlier that Here are a few ideas:

  • Search ads: text ads that appear at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which at the top of the SEO page. Usually they have a tag [Ad] of some sort as well. This help differentiates from an organic post
  • Google Shopping Ads: I have seen way too much of this over time, yet I appreciate this actually save me so much time. 
  • PPC (Pays Per Click) y only pay when the user clicks on your ad making Google ad a most cost-effective route to take rather than traditional ads, radio, TV, and newspaper ads. They operate by bidding system, you bid for keywords you want for your ads then the bid amount is for the most you want to pay for someone that clicks on your ad. 

Which is the winner?

In the end SEO and Google ad all work brilliantly and a combination is always best. Both help increase relevant traffic to your website and earn more leads as well. While they both grow your busines online they do differ … here is a chart to make it easier.

Thank you for reading my blog and Let’s get Creative!

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