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PIL CURE – The client was seeking to re-energize their 60-year-old brand with a fresh new image and a contemporary personality that reflects its expertise and many years of experience throughout South Florida.

Knowing that today’s wine & liquor connoisseurs are highly engaged in social media and digital marketing, PIL recommended expanding beyond traditional print advertising and repositioning the brand for a modern market. We also updated the brand’s logo, color scheme, and content direction to speak to a savvy audience that’s constantly on the go. This included social media graphics, email marketing templates, digital banners, and print ads that all worked together in a multilayered campaign.

THE RESULTS – Since launching the new approach in early 2018 – sales for Crown Wine & Spirits went up by 3-4%. Visibility and awareness increased substantially as well – with an 2.31% increase in Facebook followers and 10% increase in impressions over the initial 3-month period. During the same span of time, Instagram followers increased by 6.12%. In short, social media is no longer hit-and-miss – but a carefully and strategically planned calendar that keeps the brand relevant year-round and maximizes opportunities for click-thru and driving sales traffic. Content and visuals served to entice existing customers and attract new patrons, building a sustainable consumer base for all future sales, marketing, and promotional activity.

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