The PIL Logo

Project Details

PIL CURE – The first step PIL took was to refresh Nexval’s logo. Because of their Southeast Asian heritage and background, PIL selected the lotus flower as their brand icon. Its prominent and long, rich history and significance reflected what Nexval wanted their brand vision to be. Next, PIL updated the look and feel of their digital branding and messaging to match their new logo. Nexval’s enhanced brand image was then introduced in a series of email newsletters, social media announcements, and a new website focusing on user experience and interaction.

THE RESULTS – Because of their new brand image, Nexval’s marketing tactics have gained more attention online and as a result, increased brand awareness. Their social media following and engagement rate have increased as well. Nexval’s email newsletters have also seen a positive outcome, as their open rate has risen by 17%. By also incorporating their new branding and messaging into their website, the company saw an increase in click-through rates throughout multiple web pages and call-to-actions.

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