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PIL CURE – For this innovative start-up brand, PIL started with understanding the vision and purpose of the client: to give vacation renters more freedom (and therefore more happiness) by making a rental vehicle part of the experience. CRBO stands for Car Rental By Owner, and it is a first-of-its-kind solution for the short-term rental market. Complete with features like remote entry, tracking, and insurance, CRBO stands to revolutionize the industry simply by taking a benevolent approach to serve travelers with convenience, accessibility, and more choices.

PIL put this messaging forward across the entire range of brand communications elements. Logo, corporate identity, website, app graphics, digital marketing content, collateral, social media, professional video that included drone footage, e-mail marketing, digital advertising, and event marketing presence were all created for the launch at the end of 2022 – and for the nationwide expansion planned throughout 2023 and beyond.

THE RESULTS – The user-friendly website at instantly became a resource for renters and hosts alike. Sign-ups for the service began in advance of the official app launch and served to educate audiences on how the CRBO process works and why it is such a smart, safe, and simple service to use. Social media campaigns across Instagram and Facebook helped drive new interest and referrals to the site, as did programmatic ads in other digital spaces. Monthly e-blasts kept prospects informed as to the upcoming launch status and served to boost buzz. To manage all this, PIL also implemented a CRM system to help the brand stay in touch with its renters and hosts.
For the brand’s official “preview launch” PIL created custom-wrapped cars for Art Basel Miami 2022 – one of the peak travel dates on the city’s calendar, with hundreds of thousands of people in attendance. Knowing that many would be utilizing short-term rentals for the week-long event, the CRBO-branded vehicles will further spotlight the unique service and generate new leads and sign-ups as CRBO rolls out to new cities.

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