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PIL VIDEO INTERESTS SERIES CONTINUES: As October comes to an end and we are done with Halloween and soon a time of Thanksgiving celebrations begin, I wanted to end the month also celebrating these incredible, successful women who are Breast Cancer Survivors and how IMPORTANT early detection was for them and how it saved them from a long, drawn-out medical process. Thank you so much to Josie Van Hermet and Jackie Mendieta for participating in this interview, words cannot express how grateful we are to have you on our channel. Here is a bit of the script with all the information and bios of the interviewees:

Thank you so many ladies for taking the time to do this interview, especially as October ends, as we know it is Breast Awareness Month, and the importance of everything you both will be discussing. I am Patsy I. Linares, the Founder and President of PIL Creative Group … PIL is short for my name, and many of our clients call us “THE PIL” which is a Cure for Your Marketing & Creative Ailments.  These interviews are a part of our continuing series of conversations with industry professionals on different subjects about what is happening culturally and creatively in the community.

We are speaking to Josie Van Hermet, is Director and President and Director at CAWY Bottling Company, which is a soda beverage company founded in Cuba in 1948 and nationalized after the Cuban Revolution when communists took over in 1959. Two of the company’s executives emigrated to the U.S. and restarted the brand in 1962, first offering the namesake brand of CAWY the lemon-lime soda, and then offering Materva (a yerba mate flavored soda) and then other tropical flavors such as Coco Rico, Watermelon, Coco Solo, and a Miami favorite as voted #8 it top MUST HAVE drink for tourist Jupiña!

Jackie Mendieta, Bilingual School Psychologist with 24 years’ experience working for Broward County Public Schools, mother of four. As a school psychologist, she has had the good fortune to work in what I believe to be two of the most important parts of life: mental health and education. Working with students with unique educational, medical, and mental health needs has taught her to adjust her perspective and focus on what brings her and others joy in their lives.

Thank you,

Patsy I. Linares

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