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In the digital age since before COVID, data does rule to certain extent, and it can help solidify the sexy Queen Creative. 

In understanding that in this day of the digital age most companies are going through a digital transformation and have probably on their secound or third evolition. Yet do not disregard the idea that creative can help and illustrate so much of this data. As one author describes in this way,  In theory, data analytics enables the discovery of useful information, and in practice, it assists in decision-making. Making new discoveries automatically from data analytics with AI is a myth. Insights come from the data collected and modeled, and discoveries come from proving or disproving theories. Use

data analytics as a powerful learning resource rather than as a “magic wand.”

– Dana Ghavami, Spotible

There are a few myths that you might find interesting when develop your brand from significate data. Data can be your friend but do not let is overwhelm your banding and expose it to the wrong interpretations. Marketing has increased its’ investment in obtaining the data, yet marketer need to make sure about 2 things. That the data is relevant, and the right questions are asked, and the testing is done thoughtful, so the interpretations are no skewed or driven by poor decision making.

A few myths that can be significant when understand your data. That data is too expensive, which it is not even secondary data can be very insightful and many brand already have useful data on hand. Many companies have the idea that it is too time intensive, use this time to gather the data from the inside out. Possibly gather the stake holders and even the intern all together to give insight on how the brand should move forward. Use this time for team building and even if it is on a zoom call. This might ignite more brand happiness and motivate the team to excel from sales to marketing. You do not need to be an analytical guru, just even gather data internal and with friends and loyal clients with a quick survey can be very insightful. Not all businesses are drive by data, being lured to get data maybe something that is a waste of time and resources. Customer and loyal client feedback is something that is easy and always positively measured.  And more data is always not better, measure what you need and how you need this data. Gathering all this insight, questions, surveys and analytical might just be noise when simple, thoughtful and well thought out data with quality is generally more important than quantity.

However, you decide, uniting the team trying to understand the why  you do what you do as a brand and gather the key stack holders can eb the first step in determining your goals. So, where data is King, simple and creative ways of developing the data might be a better for a Queen. 


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