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The more humanism approach can be better for your ROI

One of the best commercial I saw from Disney years ago that ran for sometime, which really activate that more human approach in their brand. The brand went from selling Mickey and Minnie to more about the experience and the feeling in the brand. Bringing the more human side is what makes a difference and resonats in your customers, clientle and even inspires your employees into your branding as well. Great humanistic stories is what brings companies together, great branding is not only approchable to your clients yet also a phylosophical and gives a mantra that units everyone to your brand. What if every brand tried to get all their client to be more like friends, to involve them in decitions and give them moments they will remember.

Take out your tissues for this commercial!

In this Disney commercial the dad is viewing old videos and remember’s when daughter was a little girl at the parks. TEAR JERKER and awesome, you remember these moments, these commercials that tug at your heart. This is called HUMAN-CENTERED MARKETING. If you’re wondering what I mean by human-centered marketing, the main idea is building an emotional connection with our consumers that is respectful, helpful, authentic, meaningful, and personal … maybe even vulnerable.

There are a few ways to be more human-centered:

Be helpful: Like above provide information about making mask, give education knowledge and growth opportunities. Look at Burger King’s ad above, they are not thinking of themselves they are asking for everyone to support your local restaurants, even competitors.

Have fun and be inspired: Great example is the Bernie ad from IKEA so fun and Disney very memorable and inspiring.

Share your caring credentials: From sustainability to committing to workplace wellbeing initiatives, whatever you’re doing to make your community, job, employees, and this world .. communicate it. Also sharing is caring and the more you share how and what you are doing for other the better. Look at the AMEX example is something they started before BLM and were doing this initiative internally and now involving the public eye to share and contribute.

There is no ending for this post this is only the beginning of all the actions you can take to share, care, and giving your heart, your return will exceed more than you can imagine!

Thank you not let not only get creative get heart into the creative!  



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