Starting in 2020 with the pandemic and the rise of modern technology such as the Internet, social media, steaming TV, videos heck even the way we hire employee or look for a job. The whole digital revolution has taken its toll as well to the modern-day advertising agency that has had its grip still on tradition advertising. Businesses seem to still swear by the results when hiring a digital agency and they love the data, and they think it’s worth every penny. There’s no denying starting in 2020 and now heading to 2022 it didn’t matter what field your company is in; everyone felt the change and to say that it left some of you clueless is an understatement. Now, with more and more businesses searching for help, the digital advertising agencies of today where once just advertising agencies and had to pivot adding and infusing digital in all areas and all personal as well. 

Strategies Recalibrated 

Modern technology in the advertising sector no platforms where explored. Tradition adverting especially has been overthrown by social media and You Tube and all this is called Digital Advertising. Now brands can 

Advertising agencies shave always excited and sometimes they cost quite a lot not only for the creative and the media planning. Digital Advertising Agencies develops more the creative and implementation of the creative  are different from Digital Marketing Agency most of the organization and media planning. It’s easier to see what we mean by the life of a project. It is almost like the Ad agency starts at the beginning and then fuses with the digital marketing aspects in the middle to develop where, when, and how this creative will be places in the digital landscape.

The Process starts like this:

  • Understanding: We develop the understand of where the brand is going with the SWOT and along with the company goals from key stakeholders.
  • Development: Then move to take time to develop the creative and working in tandem with the digital marketing agency is the best to develop the right creative for the right kinds of strategies and ad placement as well.  

Implementation: Then once the client approves all creative, media planning and digital idea we move on to the implementation stage.

There is so much more in between yet it’s just a quick overview how important it is for both agencies to work together. Specially to meet the clients’ objectives, goals and KPIs. Let’s review a few reasons why it’s great to hire a digital marketing agency:

Under the Same Roof

When deciding to work with a digital agency the most idea scenario is when this agency can do both. Here are PIL we strive on developing the best creative and stay on the cutting edge of technology and everyone digital. There is nothing better than being able to work with a brand and see what the creative will be and move it forward in a 360-degree holistic approach. Having that perspective where you can connect to the brand and be able to see it fulling from inception to execution is the best way for a brand. Also, the most cost-effective to do everything under one roof. Well, let just say one roof and many digital marketing platforms. 

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