Can agency higher ups be their own bottle neck with producing in the age of virtual work environments

Just to give you a quick answer YES, I did find myself to be the big bottle neck at my agency during covid. Two years ago, we were an agency that leans its practices of proofing, trafficking, and moving work through the different components more traditionally, in an office environment getting up actually talking to get the work done. With COVID that call changed, we did everything more so no more emails and zoom but getting so overwhelming, I was so used to getting up and resolving problems, develop solutions and interactive with the team. This was hard and we were going nowhere fast. To get anything approved to client I Had to see it being creative direction and owner, I felt and immediate responsibility. The team finally corner me and just said that it we are moving everything cloud based and organizing everything through production platforms, from emails to conversations, to google meets and so much more. 

Here are a couple image to see how practical yet advanced this platform can be, here you see how the social media post start to completion. With all direction and any data for this job it saved on this one section. This also shows you how I don’t have anything do for tomorrow Monday, I’m all clear!

I have to say I struggled and could relate to this latest TED talk from data geek Joel Selanikio, how he talks about adapting and implementing new structure how he processes data and he himself explain how he along was the bottle neck any progress with the software he was developing, here is the link:

Like Joel, we were able to implement these processes and install a wonderful production platform called Click Up. Its cloud based and you can store all your job information, content. even artwork and so much DATA. We are currently moving all out data as well to a cloud server and scanning every piece of paper, photo, or anything to cloud based structure. In the end is the platform hold us accountable and we can see how we as an agency is performing on an hour to daily to monthly bases AND I can’t bottle neck anything anymore. 

It is also wonderful how so many advanced have developed in tech companies and with platform after platform, yet we still can’t develop this in government as David Cameron talks about in his TED talk :

The possibilities are endless, and it is a matter of either you pivot, or you your company slowly dies off. The way our data is stored, organized, and managed is shocking to me from where we start just over a year ago. TO find the right platform to help your company performed at its peak you must research Click up, Monday and Asana are just a few, definitely do your homework and many have additional plug ins to enhance the system. Enjoy the process and do not let your big data bog you down!

Thank you and let’s get creative,

Patsy I. Linares

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