… if I can do it, you can too!

So, I did it. Finally I am in charge of my own destiny … We can do A/B testing and not need a strategist or analyst to be able to conduct them and we can do it all on our own at our leisure. We have now had several opportunities to conduct and view different A/B tests. One that stands out to me is the A/B testing we conducted with PIL’s 20th Anniversary video. I wanted to see if I can turn the video to more of a classic look with dramatic BW images and how the public would react. We placed the videos on YouTube with minimal budget of $15 .

Below are the creative options and links so you can vote on which you like best, let us know we will have a small survey at the end:

Video 1: PIL 20th Anniversary that is colorful, trendy, and more youthful toward ages 30-50+ especially with the upbeat pop music, the reason being it is very MIA 305.

Title: PIL Website Animation 50 seconds COLOR POP
Music: trending POP music

Video 2 CHANGE: PIL 20th Anniversary classic and sophisticated that should appeal to a higher age group like 45-65+ because of the BW images and the classic Mozart music was oozing uber luxury and elegance.

Title: PIL Website Animation 50 seconds BW CLASSIC
CHANGE Image & Editing Description: Black & White images with green texture as only with quick editing to be encompassed with energy
CHANGE Music: classic Mozart music to be more cohesive with BW Images



 The results were there but yet barley any difference between the two styles of creative but that ok. We did find in the data that the creative was effective because the retention rate was very high and if it is ranks high then YouTube shows favor, and you get better placement. Then the result of this is better times for the videos placement during the day which it broadened our reach to younger audience and so much more. We always find so many answers to our question through this testing processes. There are key words to know as your viewing the data:

  • Watch time is the total amount of minutes viewers have spent watching your videos. YouTube elevates videos and channels with higher watch times in their search results and recommendations section.
  • Average Percentage Viewed is the percent of each video the average viewer watched. It measures your video’s ability to hold viewers’ attention for its entirety.
  • Average View Duration is the total watch time of your video divided by the total number of video plays, including replays. This metric measures your video’s ability to engage viewers. If your video can’t engage viewers, they’ll bounce from your video quickly, leaving you with an unimpressive average view duration.
  • Audience Retention shows you the percentage of viewers who watch and leave your video at every single moment of the video. YouTube elevates videos with high audience retention in their search rankings and suggestions because these videos can effectively capture viewers’ attention

Driven with Data

When planning to start testing for a project to meet your goals and objectives, you must judge the various types of testing according to desired outcomes, available resources, budget, time, and scope. First try to pick on variable to test and you can test anything from website fonts, to email subject lines, CTA (Call to Action), whatever. Here are some websites where you can do your testing for free:



Second when ready to test, try to split test them so they are done at the same time and divided among the same number of people, your testing program can do that as well. Third be creative in testing, you can do it for free on your social media page, you can engage your followers to respond to something and also blogs can be a nice way to expose your creative and ask for some testing. I am going to post these videos as well to gather more data on my social media pages and our blog to see who likes what and we can do a data visualization. Fourth, you do not have to test a large proportion of people, it can be a small group. Don’t go crazy, just enough to ask a few clients, friends, or colleagues. With this closer group you can gather data and add yourself to this data set where you can quickly analyze, test, show your clients the data and be on your way to make the necessary corrections. 

Data is King

As much I believe that creative rules at the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to add a small set of data and the visualization of this data along with it. Are you developing an email campaign … add to your schedule a couple days to do a quick survey monkey to see which creative is the leader? If you’re presenting home page website that is targeting woman aged 30 to 50, send the option to a few dozen friends and colleagues that could be a potential target and throw the data into Tableau and you got some solid data turned to visualization, it’s brilliant. This A/B testing we have been doing has been a very enlightening experience, not only to understand how it can help in a strategic creative presentation, yet overall, for the brand to interpret information and make better decisions. Small business owners here we come with all access pass to more data means more validation for everything you are developing … remember you can do it!





Thank you and let’s get creative,

Patsy I. Linares

The Six Universal Principles of Persuasion, by Dr. Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, CMCT(co-author of YES & The Small

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