So, you have done an amazing job conducting an amazing survey or a lab testing a few participants or field-testing questionnaire at a location, and you are ready for this great big leap into data analyzation. What is are some easy tactics to make the whole process nice and easy. Where there are not as many complicated steps just some quick easy ways to get the answers, you need and to satisfy your objectives. 

One step is to look at your descriptive statistic as a great first step. Which is meaningful data analysis it described data in a way that makes sense. It can be used for an entire population or a sample. Which it is broken down into measures of central tendency which include the mean, median and the mode. While measures of variability which means how close is the data or how far apart it is. Often the descriptive statistic provides critical context for your complex analysis, allowing you to interpret more of the data and the be clear you understand what it all means.

Next is to trim your data before an any more focused analyzation take place. This will save time and you should take out non respondents, and anyone that does not meet true definition of what you need for the study.

Accept that you may not find any significance. Sometimes this will happen, everything will be so even that it may happen. Accept it and try to have a game plan ahead. Maybe set up the preliminary prestation both ways. Sometimes the most interesting stories come from something that just didn’t happen and possibly something that didn’t pan out, yet you will need to defend it either way.

Try to remember there is NO such thing as bad results! Just let the data till your story and while that sounds earlier that is seems, it will save you time instead of trying to fit your data into only answering your research question. There are many gems in the data that might lead to other results not thought of from the initial research objective.

Keep at it, and possibly you will need to keep testing and in the many results it may surprise you and your clients. Keep concise in your processes and there may be many more gems to find in all the data.

Thank you and let’s get Creative!

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